Modular Displays - Coming Soon

The ultimate statement

Modular display systems use structural elements to create more complex 3D stands suited to medium or even large exhibition spaces.

With a modular display system, the options are almost limitless, allowing you to realise a truly spectacular and completely bespoke showcase for your exhibition.


Bespoke exhibitions to suit your needs

The beauty of a custom build stand is that the sky is the limit. There will be no other stand like yours and you will have more chance of making the right impression.

Creating a bespoke exhibition stand that is uniquely yours is an involved and creative process. It may contain some of our existing modular or roller-banner display products and accessories, but more often it comprises completely unique structural elements, flooring and lighting, all carefully designed to give optimum exposure to your subject.

Achieving a show-stopping custom build draws on all our experience in the industry and the full range of our exhibition services from CAD and graphic design, cabinet construction and joinery, through to installation and logistics.



  • In-house graphics: There’s no need to go anywhere else. Once you are happy with your structure our experienced design team will help to bring your brand to life.
  • Custom lighting: From downlights and spots to lit counters and Lumos light towers, there are many ways to help light up your stand.
  • Storage in mind: We build our structures to hold everything you require in innovative and creative ways.
  • Custom counters: No matter how big or small, we can create the ideal custom counter for you.
  • Flooring options: We provide all types of floor covering options to complement your stand including carpets, solid wood, vinyl or even unique digitally printed flooring.
  • Custom features: We can supply any weird and wonderful bespoke features you need to enhance your customer experience.
  • Display counters: Perfect for those who need to showcase a range of products, whilst still having the versatility of a counter or reception desk.

When not to use custom build

Custom build is not for every occasion. There are times when a more economical stand may be just as effective, using one of our other modular display solutions. There are also shows and events with quick turnarounds that would make it impossible to build and break down a custom build stand in the available time frame, even with our dedicated team of installers. And if you want to install the stand yourself, this is definitely not for you! Furthermore, the lead time required for design and development on a project of this scale may be prohibitively short.


So when is it right to go down the custom build route?

If you find yourself exhibiting at a big venue like the NEC at the most prestigious event of the year in your industry, you may be sure that your competitors will be doing what they can to outshine everyone else. Whilst this may just be 'peacocking' or demonstrating the depths of their pockets, the aim will probably (or perhaps hopefully) be a carefully considered return on investment target such as:

  • x number of new customers
  • x number of sales leads
  • x number of products sold on the day
  • new business-to-business contacts or increased networking exposure

A custom build stand will help you to achieve a certain perception of your brand, create a suitable space from which to operate on the day and increase footfall to your stand. And if all your competitors are already at that level of ambition for their exhibition spaces, those feet may be wandering elsewhere unless you have a well-designed custom build of your own.

So the answer to the above question is to do with the extent of your ambition, your perceived benefits and desired outcomes for a show, and in most cases, the prestige of the event and a comparative view of what your competitors will be doing. Your custom build stand will help you to achieve some or all of these outcomes:

  • tell the story of your initiative clearly and with impact
  • facilitate the activities and interaction you planned for the event
  • give visitors a memorable experience, from which they are moved to act
  • achieve face-to-face contact, demonstrating expertise, competence, innovation, amiability
  • demonstrate an appreciation of aesthetics and design principles
  • demonstrate success; appear superior, prominent or correctly positioned in your market
  • demonstrate lack of failure; avoid appearing inferior, 'small-fry' or incorrectly positioned in your market
  • for established brands, remind people you exist or that you have something new to offer

The other reason you may choose the custom build route is to make a statement at a slightly less prestigious event. If your competitors are exhibiting with moderate stands and budgets, you may choose to exploit this opportunity to stand head and shoulders above the crowd. So if your initiative is worthy of such an investment, this could be your time to shine.

It's fair to say that the above is mostly true of any exhibition at any level; these principles hold true even if you're standing in front of a single roller banner at a school fair. But if you misjudge things at an industry-leading event, the cost to your business could be more critical.


Why Rounded Edge Studio?

We understand that choosing to have a custom build stand can be a little daunting. At Rounded Edge, we take enormous pride in giving our clients peace of mind by carefully guiding them through every step of the process with a designated account manager. They will liaise on your behalf with exhibition organisers concerning all aspects of exhibition logistics.

Our experienced exhibition team will take your brand philosophies and deliver a bespoke solution that is unique to you. You will receive 3D visuals, displayed in various formats, to give you an accurate representation of what to expect on the day. It is also imperative that the correct message is broadcast throughout your exhibition stand. Our accomplished in-house design team can provide you with a catered graphics solution that is right for you. Alternatively, if you have other arrangements, we have the facilities to artwork and manufacture any printed materials that you may require.

Our dedicated installs team will turn your vision into reality before your very eyes. They will be on hand to answer any questions or queries and assist you during the final stages before the big day, ensuring you have everything you require to make your exhibition a resounding success.

If you feel that a bespoke custom build exhibition stand may be the right choice for you then please contact us for a free consultation with one of our expert team.


Please contact us to discuss your personal needs!