Link2 - Single Banner - Rounded Edge Store
Link2 - Single Banner - Rounded Edge Store
Link2 - Single Banner - Rounded Edge Store
Link2 - Single Banner - Rounded Edge Store
Rounded Edge Store

Link2 - Single Banner

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Link2 allows you to join as many banners together as required seamlessly; a truly game-changing capability.

It is ideal for quick branding, backdrops, or lining a shell-scheme in an exhibition environment. Exceptional setup speed and ease-of-use lend the system to exhibitors doing multiple shows or events.

And because the graphics are interchangeable, Link2 is the perfect choice for marketing professionals or brands with multiple or recurring promotions.

Link2: the feature-rich roller banner

  • Durable hardware: Made with the highest quality materials, the Link2 is designed to be used time and time again.
  • Mag bars: Each Link2 can connect together seamlessly, using our innovative Easi-link system; magnetic bars on the back of the graphic.
  • Retractable feet: Need that extra stand room? Simply retract the feet to free up more space.
  • Light options available: Illuminate your stand with an LED light that simply slots into the top upright.
  • Changeable graphics: Previously, new roller banner graphics would require new hardware. Now, simply order a new graphic and replace the old one.
  • Innovative cassette system: The Link2 cassette system minimises visible hardware and puts more emphasis on the graphic. Our unique locking mechanism allows you to change a graphic with ease.

Link2 innovations

Link2 banners seamlessly link thanks to several clever design innovations. The base cassette units simply lock together; the graphics are the same width as the cassette, so they sit neatly alongside each other; then the gaps disappear completely thanks to our patented Easi-link system of magnetic strips and bars.

One of the hidden treasures of the Link2 design is something that regular exhibitors will really appreciate. Once the banner is erected, graphics may be adjusted on both the left-right axis and also the up-down axis, making graphic alignment easy even on uneven floors.

Another major innovation is the ability to change graphics. So you can have a different set of graphics for each exhibition, campaign, product launch, team event, conference and so on, and re-use them indefinitely. And since you'll be re-using the cassette rather than buying a new one each time, Link2 is a solid investment too.

The images below show how, unlike most roller banner systems, Link2 can also be extended into 3-dimensional configurations using extra Flexi-link panels. 90° turns are commonly used to maximise space against back walls, but the linking panels are flexible, so any angle is possible.

Designed and manufactured by us in the UK 🇬🇧

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